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Finger Print Image  At S1 Investigative and Protection Services (A 1100064) we operate as an Official Private Investigation Agency, Licensed by the Florida State Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services. We are fully insured for professional liability, so we can honestly offer you the highest degree of background screening security and safety available.

We have over 30 years of experience at what we do, and we proudly do it very well. Florida laws are stricter than most other states, so it makes sense to work with a professional company whom provides only top level service and understands the complexity of Background Checks, Pre-Employment screening and being in compliance with the FCRA. Background checking done the correct way by real investigators who know how to legally conduct Pre-Employment background checks not just in Florida but Nation Wide.

At S1 Investigative & Protection Services our Risk Management Division is specifically organized to assist Employers with their hiring decisions by providing them with Factual Data on applicants through a series of proven techniques developed over the years. S1 Risk Management Division is comprised of experienced investigators with many years of Private Sector and  Law Enforcement investigative experience and training. Compliance with Federal and State pre-employment background checks and screening laws is not optional.  The failure of an employer to comply with federal and their state background check and screening laws have consequences, with their penalties can being swift and severe.  You don’t want to gamble with your financial future. Leave this to the background screening professionals who understand the background check laws which will keep you compliant.

We have many ways of researching and confirming  the information provided by applicants which include the use of over 580 million available database records for Criminal history’s and Public records as well as having strategic partnerships that allow us to complete onsite local County Court house searches. Through experience we have learned that Pre-Employment screening and background checks take time, patience and experience to return a complete and  verifiable report. As previously mentioned we have developed Industry Leading Strategic partners as well as use our many years of experience with thousands of cases of investigating Criminal history searches, Pre-employment screening and backgrounds checks as our foundation of investigating. We proudly have:

1. Access to Nationwide State repositories & over 580 million records nationwide.

2. No Monthly fees, Memberships or Contracts.

3. Cost Effective Pre-employment Screening Packages for company’s of any size.

4. We are Fl Licensed and Insured for your protection.

5. Risk Management researchers that compare and cross reference records found on every applicant processed.

6. Proven sources at all levels of the Criminal Justice System, National, State and County Court System Levels.

7.  Risk Management researchers verify SSN’s, Physical Addresses and Previous employment of every applicant.


BEWARE OF: Internet Instant Criminal History Searches!images (60)

There are Hundreds of online companies that offer INSTANT criminal history Searches but Don’t trust the safety of your employees to “virtual” background screening companies!  Do you trust a Online criminal history search company that has no established CREDIBILITY, PHYSICAL ADDRESS or PHONE NUMBER!  When a Employer is considering implementing a Pre-Employment screening program, it is important for them to ask themselves, Do I prefer to have a experienced Pre-Employment screening representative to whom I can communicate with and ask questions performing the Pre-Employment screening? or would I rather submit my employee applications to a Online Pre-screening Company that gives me a report instantly, but may have possibly report, incomplete, or unverifiable information to make my hiring decision?  Here are 5 Major Factors to Remember if considering a instant criminal history search company:

1. Instant Criminal records databases can be incomplete & do not contain records from all states and jurisdictions.

2. Instant Criminal records may lack sufficient details only reporting only felonies or offenses in which a state corrections unit was involved.

3. Name Variation. An electronic search of a vendor’s database may not recognize variations in a subject’s name, surnames or alias.

4. Given the size of the American population, it’s possible you will find two or more people with the same name who also share other identifiers.

5.The records in a vendor’s database may be stale or may not go back far enough. Most vendors update these records monthly at best.

  At S1 Investigative and Protection Services, we are here to assist you in Creating a Pre-Employment background screening package that works best for you and your industry. We already have in place our most popular selected cost effective Pre-Employment screening packages in place but we are always looking for new ways to be initiative in creating custom business Pre-screening and background packages.

Popular options include:

  • Social Security number verification
  • National Criminal History searches
  • Driving history summary’s
  • Employment and education verification
  • Address and previous employment verification
  • Credential verification
  • Reference verification
  • Professional License verification
  • Credit Report (Applicant signed authorization waiver is required)

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